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Welcome to PrepWork. A firm that leads the way in terms of innovative, cutting-edge technology and responsive framework.

We allocate each customer a team of expert staff that will build quality websites at competitive prices.



We are PrepWork. An expert in Innovation, Technology and Design. Our focus is YOU!!  We deliver high quality services along with competitive pricing.


Over 70% of people now access websites through mobile devices. We can provide you with groundbreaking technology and fully responsive websites on all devices.

“Kick start your business with a new fresh website today.

PrepWork, Preparing you for the market!”

What we do

Our company is ready to fulfill any of your orders as soon as possible and at the highest level of quality.


Web Development

At PrepWork we are up-to date with modern technology. We will prepare a unique website for your company, that will be to the center point of your business.



SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is now a key factor in any companies website. It can regulate the amount of people that visit your page. PrepWork thrives in the SEO sector.


Content Management System

Have you all areas covered? Is your content updated regularly. The Market place is an evolving place, Why not talk to us about managing your content today!


Hosting and servers

For just a small fee PrepWork will set up the domain and hosting services for your website. Leave us deal with the website and we will let you focus on your company.


Responsive everywhere

People are surfing the web while they are on the go. It is crucial to have your website mobile responsive. View our portfolio for some of our great responsive websites.



Optimize your business and your life with our services. In today’s market a web presence is vital for your company, it will attract potential customers and also boost sales.


Have a look at our portfolio where we have displayed some of our websites.

We are constantly learning and developing methods of improving our websites.

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